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Can Foxes Be Pets? • Animals Answers

Can Foxes Be Pets?

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You may be tempted to obtain your own fox for a pet, from their sluggish dispositions to their smooth appearing hair. The truth is that they don’t make good pets at all and it’s probably illegal to own one in many countries. Although they are fun to look at and can be snuggly too, it’s best to leave them undomesticated in their natural habitat. 

Can foxes be domesticated? If not, why not!

  1. Foxes want to mark their territory innately. In their search for the right location to “mark” their pee and excrement, they tear things up in that way.
  2. Fox pee is very smelly – far worse than dog or cat urine. Some people claim that when it sprays it resembles the scent of a skunk. Plus, it’s almost impossible to wash tapestries, fabrics, furniture, etc.
  3. They are crepuscular that is they become active in the twilight hours and at night too. 
  4. If you plan to keep foxes as pets, you should look up for relevant veterinarians because a regular vet won’t be able to treat animals such as this. 
  5. Foxes are high energy animals. They need raw food nearly every day and if they don’t get one they’ll destroy their enclosure. 
  6. They will scream like humans do. Noisy animals such as foxes aren’t really recommended to be kept as pets. 
  7. Red foxes are usually inappropriate as pet animals.
  8. Vixens occasionally abandon their kits because the latter needs constant supervision while suckling. The mother is supposed to milk her kits every four hours day and night.

Foxes are the small members of the Canidae family. It’s the family of dogs and cats. However, unlike dogs or cats, foxes are rarely bred in the US domestically. While they are highly adaptable animals, they will remain wild. 

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