how many cubs do bengal tigers have

How Many Babies Do Bengal Tigers have?

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The female Bengal tiger produces as many as 1 to 4 cubs in one time. The Bengal tiger has a pretty long gestation period of 104 to 106 days. Female tigers become mature at 5 years of age. They will give birth in dense bushes, caves, or even in tall grass. Bengal tiger cubs weigh around 780 to 1,600 grams at birth. Like other tigers, Bengal tiger babies are born blind and helpless.

The cubs are highly vulnerable to the potential predators so the mother stays as close them as possible. At birth, the cubs mainly show woolly furs which are shed in 105 or 150 days after birth. They will have their first milk teeth when they reach 14 to 21 days age. The permanent teeth are going to replace the milk teeth when the tiger becomes 450 days old.

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