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Proper Nutrition for Pets • Animals Answers

Proper Nutrition for Pets

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Pet care is a complicated topic, as it is challenging to come to a single opinion. However, most owners will agree that the choice of food has a substantial impact on the condition of cats and dogs. Since much depends on the correct determination of needs, it is worth paying attention to veterinarians recommendations.
The offers on the market seem to be of the same type, but in reality, not all food is suitable for feeding pets. First of all, it’s about the composition of the food, which rarely attracts the attention of buyers. According to a well-known pet food manufacturer, it is possible to ensure proper nutrition by following a few simple tips.

Why pets need their own food

A proper pet diet should not consist of dishes that owners enjoy. This is due to some peculiarities of the animal’s body. For example, cats do not tolerate lactose, which is a component of many foods. Feeding them milk or other dairy products does more harm than good.
Frequent dietary changes are also harmful to pets. It is worth choosing food for pets with this in mind:
  1. Age. Tiny kittens and puppies cannot digest heavy food for adult pets. In turn, cats and dogs are not too fond of baby food. This is due to the fact that the needs of animals are different, so the diet is selected according to age.
  2. Breeds. Large and small breeds of pets need different food compositions. That’s why manufacturers offer a wide range of options tailored to this feature.
  3. The rhythm of life. It is better to feed active pets food with a high carbohydrate content, as they are a source of energy. At the same time, the presence of sugar or other ingredients is undesirable. Adult dogs and cats are less energetic, so they need to be fed the right food.

Finding a balance between a balanced diet and caring for your pet is easy. Study the descriptions of products and food, and watch how your pet reacts to new treats.

What you need to know about ready-made feed

Ready-made dry or wet food is an easy way to take care of your pet. Pay attention to the manufacturers recommendations to ensure your pet gets all the nutrients from the food. For example, you should control the portion size and provide access to water.
Attention to the correct determination of needs and the selection of appropriate nutrition is fully justified. This is because the manufacturer carefully selects ingredients and creates effective formulas. This makes Kormotech’s offerings different from others: the plant has its laboratory where experiments are conducted to determine the correct ratio.
Before buying a product, read the list of ingredients. It is better to avoid using it if it contains legumes, artificial substitutes, and too many vegetable ingredients. Animals are sensitive to these ingredients, which leads to gastrointestinal disorders.
Veterinarians help ensure proper nutrition and take care of your pets health. Doctors make a list of recommendations based on the breed, age, and existing diseases. This way, you can ensure the food choice was made correctly.

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