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Cane Rat (Thryonomyidae)

December 10, 2023
Cane rats are robust rodents with stocky bodies, small ears, and short tails; body covered with sharply pointed, but pliable, spiny hairs; broad, heavily built orange-colored chisel-shaped incisors, with the upper ones grooved longitudinally at the front. They will make habitats in grasslands and wooded savanna. What Do Cane Rats…

Where Do Mountain Beavers Live?

December 5, 2023
Mountain beavers do not hibernate and so are active throughout winter. They are primarily nocturnal but are frequently active for short periods during the day. Mountain Beaver Habitat Habitats used by mountain beavers vary, but are typically forests with dense patches of herbs and shrubs. This vegetation supplies not only…

What Do Pangolins Eat?

December 4, 2023
Pangolins love munching on bugs, especially ants and termites. They sniff out their insect feasts, and sometimes the big pangolins go for the larger bugs. What’s on the menu can change depending on what’s available or the time of year. What Do Pangolins Eat? Pangolins can be a bit choosy,…

Interesting Facts about Cheetahs in 2021

September 26, 2021
Cheetahs live in a variety of habitats, from jungles in Africa to deserts in southern Europe, and take advantage of marsh and woodland habitats as well as grasslands and shrublands. Notable among cheetah’s capabilities are their extraordinary eyesight; cheetahs have retinas three times the diameter of those found in other…

Introduction to Cheetah

September 26, 2021
Males are typically the larger cats. Free-ranging cheetahs have a diet of a wide range of prey, but predominantly top-of-the-food-chain animal at 5–15% leaves. Their prey consists predominantly of medium sized animals including deer, impala, colobus, gazelles, yellow-tailed grouse, lions, leopards, cheetah cubs, ostriches and giraffes. Cheetahs in captivity also…

How Fast Can a COYOTE Run?

September 8, 2021
Coyotes, which are stealthy creatures that can sneak around forests without being noticed by humans, are well-known facts. Coyotes are known to take slow, controlled steps and look around as they move. What if they’re in a hurry? What speed can they run? What speed must an animal run to…

How Fast Can a Moose Run?

September 6, 2021
Is it possible to outrun a mole? For that you will need to know the speed at which a moose runs! Your running speed is a big factor. In this article, you’ll find out how fast a mouse can run, the factors that affect it’s speed, when it’ll run at…

How Fast Can a LION Run?

September 5, 2021
The lion is the second fastest wildcat, running at 80.5 km/h. However, it can only run for short bursts. All lions run at 60km/h, even males. Because they are digitigrades (digitigrades), they can sprint faster than humans. They also walk, run, and stand on their toes like all other felines.…

How Fast Can a HIPPO Run?

September 5, 2021
The hippos are the second largest land animal after elephants. A male hippos can weigh in excess of 6,000 pounds. Females can weigh in at about 3,000 pounds, which is more delicate than male hippos. Hippos can run faster than humans, despite their enormous bulk — they can go up…

How Fast Can a BEAR Run?

September 5, 2021
Ernest Thompson Seton’s “Lives of Game Animals” has these words to say about the speed of grizzlys: “He is fast too,” he said, with an amazing build. If you imagine a bear running at a speed of 50 to 100 yards per hour, then you will be amazed by the…
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