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How Long Do Monarch Butterflies Live? – Monarch Butterfly Lifespan

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Monarch butterflies have a varied lifespan. If an adult monarch lives up to 14 days that doesn’t necessarily mean that its future generations will have the similar lifespans. That said, each of the monarch’s generation will probably live either less or more years, depending on the way they lead their lives. Typically, the migrating monarchs are more likely to have longer lifespans than the non-migrating species.

How Long Do Monarch Butterflies Live For?

The overall lifespan of a monarch butterfly not only depends on its behavior—it also hinges on the season in which the monarch survives. During summer, monarchs likely live 14 to 28 days in captivity. Their lifespan in the wild is more or less the same.

During summer, monarchs have a lifespan of 14 to 28 days in captivity. Their lifespan in the wild is more or less the same. They have a varied lifespan.

Scientists claim that that the migrating monarchs generally have longer lifespans as compared to the permanent residents. Most adult monarchs live from August to September with some individuals can survive up to April.

Once they grow into an adult they become highly poisonous. As a result, adults are less susceptible to the potential predators. However the longest-lived monarchs rarely produce offspring.


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