how high can a snow leopard jump

How High Can a Snow Leopard Jump?

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Snow leopards have fully developed paws which help the cat not only to move swiftly on snow—it allows the leopard to jump as high as 20 feet vertically. Yes, that is true! Snow leopards are able to reach the heights of 20 feet or 6 meters when it jumps from the ground.

A very few reports suggest that snow leopards can jump up to 49 feet high but scientists believe that the reports are just not reliable. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that snow leopard can jump 20 feet high above the ground—quite regularly. Thanks to its long tail which helps the animal to jump, leap, as well as to maneuver in short chases.  In 1903, one of the snow leopards was thought to have escaped the Bronx Zoo (United States). According to the witnesses the leopard jumped through the skylight as it ran away from the enclosure.

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