how much does a snow leopard weigh

How Much Does a Snow Leopard Weigh?

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Snow leopards are probably not as heavy as other big cats such as lions or tigers. Adult males weigh 60 to 120 pounds with the heaviest male weighing as much as 165 pounds. The average weight of a female leopard is about 55 pounds. Female leopards gain weight when they are about to give birth.

The captive leopards are relatively heavier and much healthier than those living in the wild habitat. The reason behind is that the wild leopards are not guaranteed to get food every day. In zoos and sanctuaries, they are fed rather regularly for they don’t need to hunt each passing day.

The snow leopard cubs weigh 11.3 – 20.0 oz at birth. They are born blind and helpless. The cubs will open their eyes when they weigh up to 3.96 pounds.  At birth their weight is almost equal to an adult alpine marmot.

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