how much does a siberian tiger weigh

How Much Does a Siberian Tiger Weigh?

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The Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) is one of the heaviest terrestrial carnivores—second only to polar bear. The biggest and probably the heaviest Siberian tiger ever measured was shot in 1943 in Sungari River. It was an adult male that weighed as much as 660 pounds. Scientists believe that there could have been much larger males weighing up to 700 pounds or even 847 pounds in the wild. But all these measurements and reports are not confirmed.

how much does a siberian tiger weigh
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Adult males range from 397 to 675 pounds whereas females averaging 220 to 368 pounds. Back in 1950s tiger hunters might have possibly killed Siberian cats weighing up to 847 pounds in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains. These are the measurements of wild specimens. In captivity the maximum weight of an amur tiger is recorded at 1,025 pounds in Jaipur. This is the maximum weight in captive individuals.

The average weight of a male tiger is about 475 pounds as against the female’s weight of 303 pounds. According to the scientists of the Siberian Tiger Project the tigers living hundred or perhaps two hundred years back were much larger and heavier than those living today.

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