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How Fast Can a Tiger Run? – Tiger Running Speed

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Do you know what is the speed of tiger? Although tigers are the biggest of all cats they can run faster than most other land predators. In fact the word tiger comes from a Persian tigra which means anything which is quick or perhaps sharp. The tiger might have probably earned its name because of its rapid speed—especially the way it launches the initial attack on the prey. Tigers are ambush hunters.

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How Fast Can a Tiger Run? – Tiger Speed mph

Tigers are able to reach the speed of 49–65 km/h (30–40 mph) but only in short bursts. This is only half the speed of a cheetah. But then cheetahs are far lighter than tigers. Cheetahs can afford to run right from the start even when it is far from the prey. Tigers, on the other hand, cannot do that.

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They must get as close a distance as possible before the final burst. Tigers can also leap for as long as 33 feet. The success rate is about 40% of all chases because tigers can maintain their top speed for 100 meters only.

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