what do snow leopards look like

What Do Snow Leopards Look Like?

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Snow leopards are pretty tough cats. They live in icy cold habitats where only a few land animals would dare to survive. It has greyish white to smoky grey coat which is all covered with numerous rosettes. The snow leopard’s coat camouflages the cat as it blends into the rocky habitat.

Snow Leopard Tail

Snow leopard has thick coat and long bushy tail which serves to balance the animal while it moves into the steep mountains. It is pretty useful adaptation to living in terrain habitat

The snow leopard has an extremely long bushy tail. It is not only used to balance the animal—the leopard uses it to cover its face during blizzard.

Snow Leopard Paws

They have rounded ears and wide paws. The snow leopard’s paws not only look like snowshoes—they actually serve like one. The furry paws make sure that the heat is not dissipated. The leopard’s paw is all covered with fur. It helps the cat to walk on snow with ease and also to keep it warm.

Snow Leopard Eyes

Unique among the leopard’s characteristics is that it has pale green eyes. The leopard’s eyes are round in shape so as their ears. The ears are short and rounded—probably an adaptation to reduce heat loss. Males are slightly larger than the females. Adult males weigh 90 – 115 pounds while females average 75 – 90 pounds.

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