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Where Do African Elephants Live? – African Elephant Range & Habitat

November 11, 2017
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African elephants are the largest of the herbivorous land mammals. They belong to the genus Loxodonta. There are two living species of African elephants: African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana) and African forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis). They are widely distributed in sub-Saharan Africa. Let us discuss the African elephants’ distribution in Africa.  

Where Do African Elephants Live in Africa?

African bush elephants are great travelers. They are thought to migrate all throughout the Africa. They are found in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, and Tanzania. They will make habitats in dense forests, grasslands, and dense forests of Africa. African forest elephants likely live in the dense forests of Central Africa such as Gabon. In Rwanda, they are mainly found in Akagera National Park which occurs on the northeastern border with Tanzania and the Parc National des Volcans. They no longer exist in the Nyungwe Forest.

African elephants live in grasslands, plains, and dense forests.

Where Do African Elephants Live Map?

where do african elephants live mapThe African elephants in Rwanda appear to face lot more challenges than the one existing in other parts of Africa. The Rwanda population is limited to only few natural habitats as human settlements are quite widely distributed and dense. Previously they were thought to travel between Akagera, Burigi, and Tanzania, but the movement is now limited perhaps because of the refugee settlement in Tanzania. Currently African elephants occur in Uganda (Mgahinga National Forest) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Virunga National Park).


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Where Do African Elephants Live? – Video

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