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Why Do I Feed My Dog? • Animals Answers

Why Do I Feed My Dog?

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But why do we feed our dogs the foods we crave?

Here’s a question many dog owners are now asking themselves:

myself if I really love my dog and want him to live a long, happy life, how can I continue to feed him processed junk?

Be honest. If you cannot give an unprocessed food its because you either cherish the taste of it (very clean and healthy) or because you’re lazy to prepare it. However, giving your dog a diet containing mostly processed foods is not a way to prolong his life.

It is possible to cook and to fill yourself with food that is tasty, nutritious, and will fit in with your dog’s balanced diet. So before you start looking for the next commercial dog food, think again.

You will be amazed at what you can do to improve your dog’s health, while still enjoying his fabulous coat, and your dog will still be a joy to you.

Oven-Baked Doinations

So-called oven-baked foods are baked as opposed to extruded. This means that the initial heat process takes place on the food itself, and not in the oven. Extracting some of the moisture or oil from the food would be very welcome by the dog, actually. It’s just that you would have to let him try it to see. Though perhaps not a savory idea, once you taste a homemade dog food item, you would easily find yourself coming back to the table and thinking about a delicious treat you might have prepared that night, or a couple days ago. It might not have seemed like such a big deal, but you had just saved yourself some money by avoiding a trip to the vet and you had your precious pup staying out-of- Vikings. Now, you can look forward to lots of tail wagging and slow schnauzers.

Fresh and Raw

This would, in fact, be the ideal type of diet for your dog. All that meat and vegetables would be cooked and prepared as meal, with nothing added. If you’re seeking a diet that is as close to the raw diet as possible, this would be it. But this type of diet would be ideal for pets that have allergies, and also for digestive problems, and it requires you to cook for your dog. It’s a bit more complicated than a simple mixture of meat and vegetables, so it’s not really recommended for beginning expect a sudden change. The transition period might be rather quick, and you might be surprised at the dramatic results.

Homemade Dog Food for Your Vikings

If you are interested in telling him he should just be allowed to eat his food out of the tagged can, or something of the sort, you can also start thinking about educating him now. You can never be too early, in preparing his meals, and doing food comparisons. Start now, and educate yourself thoroughly. If you want to prepare the best meals possible for your dog, the oven method is not necessarily the best choice. You still have plenty of other choices. While it is ultimately your decision, what you choose to do is not necessarily your decision.

If you want to cook for your dog, but have never tried it, before you do, read up on all the options in advance. There are all kinds of advice online, and most of it is excellent. Spend some time studying sites, forum contents and videos. Search for different types of recipes and read up on their advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to start cooking for your dog right away, all you have to do is purchase a pound of the best Quality Meats. This can be found by sources like diabetes, stockizone etc and can be a rather expensive deal. But it’s a worthy start as there’s plenty of other sources of excellent eats, including some pretty exotic ones. As you get into the habit of preparing his meals yourself, your dog will just love you for it. He’ll be happy that you are providing him with hearty, healthy, homemade and delicious food for his nourishment and he’ll love you back.

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