Why do cats sleep so much? Reasons You Must Know

May 30, 2022
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Cats are the most adorable creatures. They offer a great deal of love and support, and for that very reason, most people choose them to be their emotional support cats. Despite being the most desirable pets of all, one cannot deny the fact that cats are way too lazy. These furry balls just love to sleep. But have you ever watched your cat sleeping? Curious to know what’s going on in their mind? And what are they dreaming?  

Well, young cats sleep for 16 hours a day, while older cats can sleep up to 20 hours. But, ever wondered, “why do cats sleep so much?” and “how much sleep do cats need every day?” You will be amazed to know that they use their energy in playing and hunting for food, so they prefer to sleep enough to get recharged. 

As per Fast ESA Letter experts, the famous ESA letter service provider, laziness is a way of life for cats. When cats are not eating, scratching, or playing, they prefer to sleep quietly in a corner. Cats are extremely good at resting, and they are among the top sleepers in the animal kingdom.

Pretty amazing! Right? Again the question is – 

Even if it is due to laziness, “why do cats nap so much?” Indoors are safe, but what about outdoors where they have no protection at all – how can they sleep so soundly? 

Well, the reason is that cats are at the top of the food chain. It means they do not worry about being eaten while snoozing, which makes them relax peacefully. When they sleep all day – they cleverly save energy to catch their dinner(prey).

In the wild, when cats chase their prey, they eat protein-packed meat that makes them fall asleep even faster. For cats, life is like a cycle of eating, sleeping, and repeating, so they don’t spend hours grazing on one thing.

On the contrary, house cats do not have to hunt for food, which does not mean their instinct changes. They spend the same time sleeping. The only thing is that they spend their time and energy playing, cuddling, and wandering around. 

What if your cat sleeps all day long? Well, that’s normal! Let’s find out some of the reasons highlighting your cat’s normal sleeping pattern – 

Maybe your cat is snoozing.

When cats snooze, they are not in a deep sleep, and only a cat owner knows if something interesting happens, cats actively get up to have fun. Cats always sleep with one eye open, and their deep sleep lasts for about five minutes. After that, the cat goes back to light sleep, and the dozing-sleep pattern goes on until the cat wakes up. When a cat is in a deep sleep, it can even dream. So, when you notice that your cat is moving its paw, there are good chances that it is dreaming. 

Maybe your cat is a nocturnal

You must be wondering, “are cats nocturnal?” Yes, they are. Among the reasons your cat sleeps a lot during the day can be because it was up hunting late at night. Mostly, outdoor cats can be nocturnal. However, domesticated cats prefer to have a good sleep at night and hang out during the day. But it depends on your cat’s sleeping behavior and how it wants to arrange its sleeping schedule. So, no matter the sleeping patterns of your cats – it is normal in all aspects. 

Maybe your cat is conserving energy.

Energy conservation is again the main reason for your cat’s long sleeping period, which is why your cat naps frequently. Cats like to hunt their prey, so they rest or sleep frequently to save energy. Like many predators, cats conserve energy by resting, saving enough strength to do hunting. 

Maybe your cat is bored.

When there is nothing to do, every animal, including cats, prefers to sleep more. There are various ways to enrich your cat’s life while cutting down on boredom. For instance, you can build a catio, a safe outdoor space for cats where they can wander or play around. Also, you can build shelves where your cats can climb. Further, you can keep your cats busy with enrichment toys, which is a simple way to keep your cats busy with their own thing. If you are not sure what to buy for your cats, you can analyze their habits. Watch what it prefers to play with, then purchase those toys in different styles or colors. 

Maybe your cat is sick

When cats sleep a lot, the cat owners end up being worried about their pets. They get worried with a thought like, “My cat is suddenly sleeping so much; should I be concerned?” 

Well, various natural reasons change your cat’s sleeping habits. It can be due to an environmental change, an addition of a new family member, or any other situation that can impact your cat’s sleep habits. As your cat ages, they also prefer to sleep for long. 

In case, your cat suddenly sleeps so much, which is unusual, it can indicate an underlying health condition. And, if your cat is experiencing illness, you will observe different changes in your cats with their different sleep patterns. Those indications can include a cat’s bathroom habits, unstable weight, or disorientation. Here are some of the diseases that can arise with excessive sleep – 

  • Kidney Disease – Cats with kidney disease prefer to eat less, drink more water, sleep more, and create unusual noises at night. 
  • Deafness – Deaf cats sleep more, possibly because they do not get disturbed by any sound. 
  • Hypothyroidism – The thyroid hormone deficiency is seen in adult cats so the symptoms can include hair loss, lethargy, and decreased appetite.  

Maybe you are not sleeping much, and your cat’s sleep patterns are normal

Sleeping helps cats get recharged to play, hunt, and wander around. Adequate sleep is essential for the immune system and overall health. So, a cat is well aware of the value of good sleep and invests time to recharge itself. However, there can be the case that your cat’s sleep patterns are normal; instead, you are not sleeping much. 

Sleeping and resting for 20 hours a day is normal for your cat, and in fact, indoor cats sleep so much as compared to wild cats. If your cat is well, healthy, and enjoying an enriched life, then do not worry about their sleeping habits. Maybe you should take a nap too.

I am a contributing author and co-founder of animalsanswers.com. Every now and then i find myself hooked to my laptop researching and trying to discover new species of animals.

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