Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

August 29, 2021
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Research suggests that dogs spend an average of 11 hours sleeping per night. Dogs also spend a lot of time resting, with only a small portion of their day being active. Lions are known to sleep 16 hours a night and then rest for as long as 16 hours each day.

Most dogs will fall asleep when there is nothing else to do. Because they don’t have a job, a smartphone, or homework, sleep is the best way for them to spend long, tedious hours.

The amount of sleep your dog gets will depend on many factors.

  • Dogs older than 10 months will probably spend more time asleep than their puppies.
    Healthy dogs can also be more restful than those who are overweight or sick.
  • Certain breeds are more likely to sleep longer than others. Ask someone who has had both a lazy Bernese Mountain Dog (or a Border Collie), and one who has had both a Border Collie (or both).
  • Snoring for hours on end can also indicate a problem. Changes in sleeping patterns can be caused by many conditions and age-related issues.2 Stress and separation anxiety may also lead to excessive daytime sleepiness.
  • Most dogs that sleep for more than 12 hours a night are not considered to be a concern. It’s normal. Owners should also be aware that excessive sleeping can indicate other problems. If you are concerned, it is best to consult your vet immediately.
  • Dogs are more sleepy than humans, but they also wake up earlier than we are. Dogs tend to sleep in large chunks at night. However, we sleep in one big block. They sleep in many small bursts during the day and night.

The majority of our nighttime sleep is in rapid-eye movement, or REM. According to the National Sleep Foundation this is when we sleep, but it also provides energy for our bodies and brains. Dogs need to sleep at least 10 percent of their REM sleep each night, so they should get enough restorative sleep all day.

Dogs are not usually deep sleepers. Dogs are “flexible sleepers,” according to the AKC. They can fall asleep at any time and wake up at any moment (doorbell!). Can open! If necessary.

“Because they’re flexible sleepers and can fall asleep out of boredom, and wake easily and be alert immediately, they end needing more sleep to make up the lost REM during their cycles.”

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