Dog Acting Out? Need Help? How Do You House Train a Dog the Easy Way?

July 13, 2022
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The easy way to house train a dog is by a process of observation. Dogs behave in a manner which teaches you what he needs.

Here are some things you may observe:

If your dog is an out of control little terror then you’d better get a professional to help. Otherwise you may have to suffer the consequences of an out of control terror dog. He acts as he feels like and what he thinks he needs to do as the wolf would act in the wild.

Puppies and dogs are great fun because they think up problems to get out of the yard and run. That is only part of the equation. You have to get them outside in order to do their business.

They are naturally smart and want to please. They are out doing what they think they should do because that is normal for them. The process of getting them to comprehend that the main reason they are outside is to do their business.

This may sound simple but if you watch your dog or puppy you will see that they take on certain actions as if it is a cue from you.

Take for instance you are sitting on the couch and your dog sniffs around and makes noise. Your dog is trying to get your attention to himself.

You may also see your dog sniffing or circling around.

Typically what your dog is doing is looking for a signal from you. You can take advantage of a dog’s tendency to please you and give a command. This is a good thing because now you can be the boss.

However, you must train your dog to do that trick. You cannot expect your dog to understand your words when they cannot understand the words you are saying. They think they understand because they are getting your attention.

Whether you realize it or not you have to be the boss of whom dogs knows. He must obey you at all time. It is not enough for him to just sit there. You must correct him and give him an answer.

Now, even if you clicker train your dog commands, tricks and training him to perform certain tricks, he may not like the sound of the clicker. My dog does not.

If you want to clicker train him, you have to use hand signals and make the click sound while you give the command.

And what is the absolutely BEST way to go about teaching your dog commands?

Hands On Training

Training your dog is hands on and it cannot be done with a clicker. In that regard, there is a saying: “Don’t try to train your dog while you are tired.”

With that contention in mind, I am going to write a few thoughts about potty training your dog to give you an idea of what your approach must be.

The sex of your dog is important. Choose a male or female. Is it a small dog, medium size dog or large dog.

If your children live with you or are able to help you with this part of the training, choose a non-aggressive dog as they are easier to train.

Choose a dog that is jacket or vestigial in nature such as a spaniel or Water Dog. These are waterproof and will protect your dog from cold water.

This is where your patience and consistency comes into play. If you are not patient enough or are not interested in learning then you will not get anywhere.

Puppies can be house broken by paper training. You may want to see my article on which will explain the best and most effective way to train your dog to eliminate outside.

This is a free article and it has been especially written to help those who need it.

So there you have it. If you put these ideas to work, don’t be surprised if you aren’t your dogs owner ever again.

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