Why Do Dogs have Tails?

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There are many reasons that animals use their tails. Some use their tails for balance and others to protect themselves. Some others use their tails as a way to communicate with animals or propel themselves across the water and ground.


Not only is it useful for running, but also when your dog walks, his tail acts as a counterbalance. The tail is almost always active when a dog walks on a narrow surface. The dog’s balance is maintained by the tail, which puts its weight on the opposite of the dog. It works in the same way that a tightrope walker uses a balance bar to keep on the tightrope. Dogs who love climbing will use their tails on uneven surfaces such as rocks and trees to balance.


You don’t have a need to see your dog doing extraordinary work to see their talents. Most dogs were raised for work. To see your pup having fun with other dogs, throw his favorite toy at him and watch him chase it. Your dog’s tail will be working to aid in skillful movement. His body requires extra assistance to move in the right direction.

Dogs communicate with each other, people and other animals by using their tails.

Dr. Wooten stated that dogs are largely nonverbal communicators. He explained that dogs use their bodies, including their tails to communicate. “The position, speed, and direction of the dog’s wagging all communicate information.”

As puppies, dogs learn to communicate with their tails.

“Puppies start to wag their tails about one month old.” Dr. Wooten stated that they learn from their mother and use it to communicate their feelings with their siblings.

The wagging of a dog’s tail can be interpreted as a sign that they are happy.

Dr. Wooten explained that it can be a sign that the dog is submissive, aggressive or agitated.

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