Do Dogs Eat Cats?

August 26, 2021
1 min read

Do dogs eat cats? Normally, no. Usually, dogs kill cats for sport rather than for food. They can be quite cruel at times. Other times, dogs and cats are companions that coexist peacefully. However, they do not always sing in unison. Their duets can be a little discordant at times, reminding me of human-performed current classical music.

I know it’s hard to believe, but as far as I’m aware, a dog has only eaten a cat ONCE in recorded history, and that time the cat also ate the dog! Yes! It’s a narrative that can be found in a variety of publications and on the internet…. Would they ever lie in a book or on the internet? Certainly not!

Dogs do kill cats, however it is quite uncommon for them to consume one.

Cats and dogs are natural adversaries. This innate hostility appears to be hereditary, but it might also be taught.

Dogs and cats can be buddies, as has been proven time and time again. When pups and kittens are raised in the same home, this is what generally happens.

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