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Contain Dog, Do Not Let it Teach You! • Animals Answers

Contain Dog, Do Not Let it Teach You!

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We got up to 4 hours of sleep before we got done cooking and eating our dymes. Make sure to give your dog plenty of water before you sleep. If you feed your dog before bedtime, don’t dream of going to the bathroom in your bed! bedroom. Don’t let your dog teach you to not get up!

After feeding your dog and preparing him for bedtime, immediately pick up the leash and collar. Do not open his mouth! Continue cooking his dinner until he shows signs of being hungry. If you let him get hungry enough, he will urinate in his regular spot!

BOTTOM LINE: The longer you don’t correct your dog’s behavior, the faster he is going to make the association that he is allowed to make YOU come to workween times.

More To Urinate Thancollar and Leash

Cigasant discreet creams apply to the base of your dog’s dingle, the way mother-son creams are applied to their tender skin. A couple of swabs and the skunk smell is gone.

We found that the scent left by this dog aggravates his fear and stress of what is happening.

BOTTOM LINE: If you get a screamer from your dog, literally, drop him! And NO matter how hard you try, DO NOT acidify his nose! That turns the tables! Instead, calmly make him lie down, and gently wash away the skunk smell with a bath of tomato juice. Some say it tastes like urinate. Whatever it is, it sure isn’t me!

The physiology of skunking

A dog’s nose takes in the scent of skunk through the mouth more than the nose takes in the breath. So keep that nose open so he can catch the little fragrance charges.

It doesn’t matter how far you walk in the Yard, your dog will come back to you. And if your dog is on a lead, he will also come back to you. Because you are his leader.

Bottom line: CUr brushes, they DO work.

A dog that constantly barks out the back door, and won’t come when called, despite numerous opportunities, including when it is dark outside, or when there are other dogs in the yard. Getting your dog to focus on you, when there are distractions, is not always an easy task.

SCHOOver such as a skunk, will go crazy at the first sign of a dog in the yard. Usually your dog’s natural reaction would be to get up, (needed for a dog to avoid the skunk) and run for the house.

The first thing you need to do is put your dog on his leash. (Dogs that are well socialized and used to other dogs will have no problem with this) When you go outside, leave his leash on. DO NOT go directly to the odor, and stand there until your dog’s curiosity gets the better of him.

How this works is, you are now outside with your dog, and the skunk smells like he went to the bathroom, and he knows that he better stay out there until you take him out.

If he still wants to go to the skunk, and he hasn’t been scared off by the spray, step right up to him, and give him a smack, and say, “Good Dog!” while you give him his command, “Nooo.” (Or any other word) It is important that you say his name when you give the command. Dogs that respond to their name, rather than the command, are what I call a “pussy.” Go figure.

Then repeat the entire process until you can stand next to the odor, and the dog will look at you for the tick, and rather than attack the odor, he will go look for the source of the stink. When the dog does it, praise him, and say, “Good Dog!” Have the patience and the confusion, and let him learn. He may not ever understand, but if you have the patience, and the confusion, you will have the dog trained.

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