Why is My Kitten Biting Me?

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Kittens like playing, but when they get too enthusiastic, they scratch and bite. This is a natural habit in kittens, and it isn’t always an indication of hostility or fear, but if left unchecked, it may become a severe problem. When your kitten’s playmate is a little child, this is especially true. Fortunately, in most situations, training kittens to avoid this behavior is quite simple.

Kittens scratch and bite each other most of the time when they are playing. This is how kids learn to interact with their siblings, challenge limits, and simply enjoy themselves. Scratching and biting, on the other hand, might indicate that your kitten is scared, furious, or in pain. 1 To be sure this isn’t the case, consider the following:

Watch for the interaction between the cat and the person other than you complain of the conduct of your kitten. Some young toddlers still cannot grasp how they might damage a cat and may play too hard with the kitten accidentally.

Do not touch the face, paws, or tummy of your cat. While some kittens are fine touching everywhere, others defend themselves from these sensitive places.

Be sure that the conduct of your kitten is not connected to something you are afraid of. Is it just scratching with some individuals or with specific animals at certain areas, for instance? You may want to explore the potential for terror, if that’s the case.

How to Stop Your Kitten from Biting?

  1. Trim the Claws
  2. Yell “Ouch”
  3. Give the Kitten a “Time-Out”
  4. Redirect the Kitten’s Attention 

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