Why Do Dogs Bark at Night? – Causes and Solutions

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Barking is a normal behavior for dogs, even if it is unpleasant to us. It might be difficult to convince them to stop barking at night because it is a natural inclination. Why do dogs bark in the middle of the night? It’s usually because they see or hear an animal in the yard, or because other dogs in the area are barking. Loneliness, lack of supervision, or insufficient exercise and play are some of the other reasons they bark. Give them a more lucrative alternative if you want them to cease barking at night.

Why Do Dogs Bark at Night?

Causes and Solutions


Most dogs were initially raised to let their owners know that a potential intrusion or other disturbances are on or near the property, irrespective of their size. That’s why your dog is barking when someone passes your house or drives a car down the road. Even if she is aware that a predator, such as a possum or a raccoon, is in your yard, the dog might bark at night.

Use high-value rewards, such as chicken or another special food, to stop your dog from barking, and give her the time she needs to learn the new habit. Wait till your dog is quiet (frequently between barks) and say “thank you” and give her a reward when she barks at night. (If you want, you can use any other verbal signal instead of “thank you.”) When you do this on a regular basis, your dog will come to associate stillness with a reward. And she’ll begin to speak quietly on her own. Praise your dog and give her a treat when you observe a sound or action that would have previously caused the barking.


Whether it’s a squirrel, raccoon, or deer, most dogs are fascinated by wild creatures. Your dog can see and hear creatures in your yard at night, even if you can’t. Jill Goldman, PhD, of Laguna Beach, California, a licenced applied animal behaviourist, offered her knowledge of dogs and wild animals. “Dogs will bark,” says the narrator.


Dogs are extremely sociable creatures, and being left outside alone at night can make them lonely. Dogs can howl to indicate loneliness, but they can also bark constantly in an attempt to get human attention.

When you’re at home, spend as much time as possible with your dog. Keep your dog in your room with you at night. Many people allow their dogs to lie on their beds with them. If you don’t want them to, give them their own bed that’s as near to yours as feasible.

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