Why Do Cats Sleep on Top of You?

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Cats can sometimes be moody. It’s normal for your cat to choose to sleep with you at night. It’s strange that your cat is so oblivious to you and wants to sleep with you, or right beside you, at night. Cats love to snuggle up with you for a number of reasons. You might be doing things cats hate that make them uncomfortable.

They want security

Cats are always on the alert to defend and attack themselves. But, their most vulnerable state is sleeping.

Mikel Delgado of Rover, a cat behavior expert and expert on cats, said that cats are always ready to move. “You could give your cat extra security when they’re sleeping, which is the most vulnerable time for them.”

If your cat is comfortable sleeping next to you, it indicates that they trust and feel secure around you. Here are some signs that your cat is trusting you.

They are seeking warmth

Delgado explains that a cat’s average body temperature is between 102 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you might find your feline friend lying in a sunny window or in a small box to soak up warmth.

They are marking their territory

Cats enjoy marking their territory with their smell. If they lay on top, it is possible that they consider you their territory.

They want to bond

If your cat is sleeping on you, it might be because they love you. Delgado states that it’s common for cats to do a lot of ‘pillowing’ before bedtime. It’s when they use another cat for a pillow. “And even if they don’t have a cat of their own, you might be their favorite ‘pillow-mate’.”

You Help them Feel Secure

To provide security, your cat may sleep on top of you or lay down on your chest at night. A recent study has found that cats emotionally attach to their owners in the same way as babies.4 In other words, they feel distress when their parents are gone and more security when their parents are back. If you have this kind of relationship with your cat, you are likely to find that he sleeps on you. This is because he regards you as a source and protector. It’s a great compliment. Your cat sees you a parent whom he wants close to.

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