Do Australian Shepherds Shed?

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An Australian Shepherd is an amazing sight, leading a flock full of sheep. With a steady and athletic movement, he guides the flock with nips and barks and an “eye,” a perceptive stare that clearly states, “I am in charge.”

The Aussie can be intelligent, productive, and versatile. Although it is not necessary to keep a flock or sheep for an Aussie, you can keep him busy. He’s an energetic dog with a lot of energy.

Australian Shepherds shed. How much?

They shed lots. Australian Shepherds shed all year. In spring, they shed more as they shed the winter layers.

It may be worth considering a hypoallergenic dog if your dog is hypersensitive to dander. Have trouble choosing the right one? Here’s a list containing 55 hypoallergenic dogs. You’re sure to find one you like.

Why a Shedding Aussie Is Important

The Australian Shepherd is a breed that you’ll spend a lot of your time with if you decide to have a dog. Dogs will often shed. What is the point of this?

A large percentage of people are allergic to dogs, approximately 10% to 20%. They’re actually allergic to dogs but “dander” from dogs. Dander can be considered dandruff for dogs.

Australian Shepherds shed their dander when they start to shed. These allergens can pose a problem in enclosed areas. Also, if your house has carpeting or rugs, expect to see a buildup of allergens.

Two options exist if you don’t like dogs but want to keep an Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherds shed less than average and require regular maintenance. This includes weekly brushing to keep the coat clean and prevent matting, as well as trimming to keep it tidy.

What does shedding mean for you

Let’s see what all this shedding could mean for you, the family, and your household.

1) Pet allergies

It is important to consider whether your pet has an allergy.

The issue isn’t the fall hair. It’s the “dander”, not the actual problem. Dander is actually just dandruff. If your Australian Shepherd sheds its hair, the dander escapes into the air and can settle on any surface.

Australian Shepherds may shed moderately to a lot, making them not the best choice for pet owners with allergies.

2) Vacuuming and sweep

You should be prepared to accept a higher standard of vacuuming and sweeping.

No matter how much you try to groom your Aussie, all hair will eventually fall onto your floors.

It will happen…

3) Grooming requirements

You will need to take care of a dog with a thick double hair.

Brushing your Aussie properly will help to keep it from shredding. This article will tell you which brushes are best and how to introduce your brush. It also will discuss how often you should brush. The rest of the information is below.

The good news is that bathing requires very few baths. This is not surprising for double-coated dogs. The natural oils do a wonderful job of keeping your Aussie’s hair and skin healthy. Aussies are naturally healthy and hygienic.

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