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Why Does My Chihuahua Shake? • Animals Answers

Why Does My Chihuahua Shake?

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Chihuahuas are often nervous, shaky and can get a bad reputation. They will usually only shake when there is a good reason. You can either have a physiological or emotional reason for your Chihuahua’s shaking. So if you notice your pet is having trouble sleeping, assess his surroundings and his overall behavior. If you give your friend the help he needs, it will be easier to keep his shaking under control.

If your Chihuahua is shaking, rolling, or rattles when you turn off the radio, don’t panic. There are many reasons Chihuahuas shake their heads and shiver. However, not all Chihuahuas shake.

High Metabolism

Chihuahuas naturally have a fast metabolism which can cause them to feel anxious or cold when they get excited. Their ability to regulate their temperature can also be affected. High metabolism animals burn more heat quickly than those who have a slower metabolism. This means that even though you may not feel cold, your Chihuahua might.

Cold Weather Woes

No matter how long or short your Chihuahua’s locks are, they will be sensitive in cold conditions. These dogs are not very robust due to their small bodies, low metabolism, and low body fat. They don’t have the ability to withstand the cold. Chihuahuas can shiver when temperatures drop below 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why you need to wrap your Chihuahua in a blanket or a sweater.

Shaking Myths

Although they are often known for being nervous, their shivering is not the cause. Chihuahuas can be sociable and calm dogs, but they don’t seem to be easily intimidated. A Chihuahua that is well-trained may be calm, self-assured, and well-behaved. They won’t shake or panic if he’s in an unusually stressful situation.


It may sound anthropomorphic but the Chihuahua is just like you. Your Chihuahua may react to changes in surroundings, people, and weather. Dogs can sense barometric pressure drops long before humans can. If your Chihuahua starts to whine or bark, it is possible to determine if he is experiencing nerve pains. Nervousness can also be seen in lip-licking, failures to make eye contact with the Chihuahua and excessive paw licking.


As a 10-year old child getting ready for Disney World’s opening day, an anxious Chihuahua may shake and shiver from anxiety. Overexcited Chihuahuas can shake until their excitement subsides. When they get excited, most dogs let their tails fly. The Chihuahua needs to be more enthusiastic than that.

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