Why Do Cats Like Being Stroked?

Cats of all sizes yearn to be stroked. Many have soft, downy hair fingers that they prefer to get buried in, and we take this as a sign that they like the attention when they nuzzle up close and purr loudly. But, when you stroke her head or tummy, does…

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Do Dogs Eat Cats?

Do dogs eat cats? Normally, no. Usually, dogs kill cats for sport rather than for food. They can be quite cruel at times. Other times, dogs and cats are companions that coexist peacefully. However, they do not always sing in unison. Their duets can be a little discordant at times,…

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Can Foxes Be Pets?

You may be tempted to obtain your own fox for a pet, from their sluggish dispositions to their smooth appearing hair. The truth is that they don’t make good pets at all and it’s probably illegal to own one in many countries. Although they are fun to look at and…

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