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Basenji - A True Pack Leader? • Animals Answers

Basenji – A True Pack Leader?

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“Exclaim my dog, “I am the pack leader!” Upon first hearing the term “pack leader,” many people automatically assume the dog they just adopted is well-behaved and that they can just relax anywhere and be themselves for the rest of the day.

However, the truth is that “the pack leader” in dog language does not always have to be the sweet, mild and well-behaved dog we have just adopted. In fact, the pack leader is in many cases a ruthless, alpha- Individuals who take control of the group, exercising dominant and sometimes even cruel force.

In order to create a healthy and happy dog America, we need to learn the hidden world of the pack that powered the dog’s wild ancestors. In this article, we will explore the buff other role that the dog plays in the natural order of things, and how you can activate your own “pack leader” role in the lives of your dogs…

Everyone has heard of the team of wolves led by the alpha male and the alpha female. This Summary of authority and power is what arrangements are all about and this is what your dog is Basenji.

Basenji is a mix between the Australian wild dog and the wolf, something quite unusual in dogs. It is suspected that Basenjis are a relative of the wolf. Indeed there are numerous pictures and myths that attribute this unusual mixture to a mating between a wolf female and a dog male, with a lucky twist of circumstance that the dog soon took on the characteristics and name of the wolf.

In the Basenji breed, there is a definite distinction between the alpha dog and the rest of the pack. Alpha dogs are the dominant, intelligent, assertive, and confident ones. They are the leaders of the pack, the workers in the pack and the ones most often physically larger than the rest of the pack.

Your Basenji may not take on these characteristics fully, but more often than not, your Basenji will appear to be much more like a wolf in many ways. For example, their eyes and face in particular can suggest that they see their world as though it is not human. They can Sol us from a distance, seemingly without much effort, and they casually ignore us, whether we are old or young, tall or short, fat or thin. We often talk about the Basenji’s ears as though they resemble prongs, the long spine of something very strange and underside, but in truth, that is just what they look like.

The Basenji is a seed dog, one that seeds itself from the wolf and therefore, without human intervention, would feral growl and be very territorial. It might also help to note that a Basenji is a Huge dog, with an estimated height of up to 32 inches, and weight up to 95 pounds. That is a dog in strength. It can fight a full grown man.

Often, we immediately think of the Basenji as a dog that eats from the table or likes to steal food from people’s hands. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Basenji is a devoted member of the pack and will protect his pack and his property with his life. Additionally, he is an obedient and intelligent dog that appreciates being told what to do.

The Basenji is reserved with strangers, but not very Often. They for the most part will welcome friendly strangers, but they are also very wary of other people and situations. They are not very self confident and don’t do very well with sudden loud sounds and unexpected activity. The Basenji will often try to lead the way and be the dominant one but with very dominant dogs, like when they hear a vehicle approaching. They use their keen sense of smell to tell the other dog to back off.

Another of the Basenji characteristics is his whine. Basenjis have a keen sound and they whine when they want something, or they seem to want to do something for you. It seems that their whine is a form of communication as well. They might seem shy or nervous and their looks to express those feelings are cute.

The Basenji is a smart dog and can be trained easily. They attract attention and they are very playful but they don’t do well with children under 12 years of age. They have an extremely high prey drive and they’re likely to chase smaller animals and squirrels. Four of the Basenjis statistics that you should know are that they’re a short lived breed, with an average lifespan of Only 7 years. Another Basenji fact that you should know is that they probably are one of the most depressed dogs.

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