Where do Tiger Sharks live?

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Tiger Shark Habitat

Tiger sharks are distributed all throughout the world in warm temperate and tropical waters.

Tiger Shark Distribution

It goes all the way up to Uruguay from Cape Cod off the western coast of Atlantic Ocean. It includes Caribbean islands, Gulf of Mexico and Bermuda. It goes up to Angola from Morocco from the western side of the African shoreline across the east part of Atlantic. The tiger shark is common in the entire Indo-Pacific region ranging up to South Africa from the north part of the Red Sea. Off the eastern part of the Pacific it reaches up to Peru from the South of California, which includes the islands of Revillagigedo and Galapagos; and in the east, it passes through the islands from the north part of New Zealand as well as Oceania; on the western Pacific, it ranges up to New Zealand to the south and Japan to the north. During cold climate, tiger sharks seek to remain close to equator.


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