Where do Hammerhead Sharks live?

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Hammerhead Shark Habitat

Hammerhead sharks prefer swimming in the continental shelf and seashores of tropical waters around the world. During summer, few individuals are seen to migrate toward the poles like the South China Sea and off Florida. These sharks are present even within a depth of about 1 meter (3.3 feet) on the seashore and up to 80 meters (260 feet). Coral reefs are the most favorite underwater places of hammerhead sharks. They also inhabit bays, lagoons and island terraces.

Hammerhead Shark Distribution

The great hammerhead shark is found in the shorelines of KwaZuluNatal of South Africa. Here it exists with other hammerhead species called scalloped hammerhead and smooth hammerhead. It is very common off the southwestern region of Indian Ocean. It is found in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico of the Atlantic Ocean and all the way up to Uruguay starting from North Carolina; and up to Senegal from morocco. Along the Indian Ocean, the hammerhead sharks are widespread on the outer edges. They are found all the way up to Australia from Ryukyu Islands in the Pacific as well as French Polynesia and New Caledonia. Off the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, this shark occurs up to Peru from Baja California.


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