Things you need to Consider before Adopting a Dog

November 16, 2021
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Adopting a dog has certainly become more popular in recent times. People have varying reasons for choosing to do so. Some may be suffering from feelings of depression during the pandemic due to recurring lockdowns or restrictions limiting their opportunities to be in good company. Others may feel a dog may be the perfect addition to a happy, loving family to make their lives even more exciting.

You will have a lot of things to think about before deciding to go ahead. If you or your family are settled in your ways, it may be a shock or disruption to see your furry friend wandering around possibly being a nuisance. Many factors must be taken into account to ensure dog adoption is the best scenario for both you and the dog you choose to take home.

What Type of Dog may suit you Best?

There will be a wide selection of dogs to choose from, varying from puppies to senior dogs. While senior dogs will more than likely have been trained already, giving a newborn dog puppy food and leaving them alone is not enough care-wise. You will have to spend time training them in their new surroundings and they may require a lot of patience. Are you ready for that?

The type of living arrangements you have may play a role in deciding. A small house is not best suited to a large dog so you may have to choose accordingly. No matter which type of dog you decide to get, you will have to take the utmost care to protect them from the dangers in your house, as dogs can be curious animals.

Can you give it Time and Love?

If you already have a hectic lifestyle and find time hard to come by, adopting a dog may not be the right decision for you. Find out what certain dogs are like. While dogs like to sleep a lot, when they are awake you may have your hands full. 

Some may be happy to laze around the house, whereas others can be very energetic and require constant affection. Playing around with items such as dog toys to keep them mentally sharp is important to make your dog feel loved.

Different dogs have different exercise needs which will need looking into. Your dog may like to get out for a walk and a run, this can also be very beneficial to you. They don’t like to be stuck inside all day, and the fresh air and the sense of adventure will do them good. Getting outside will them work off all the energy they have, and leave you with a tired yet happy dog.

Can your Finances cope?

While a dog can be an ideal companion and provide years of loving attention, unfortunately, it is unlikely to be a pleasant experience for your wallet. Consult a vet to get an idea of the expenses that will be involved in adopting a dog. You cannot adopt a dog and then shirk these responsibilities so perhaps delve into your financial situation and take a proper look to see if you can afford a dog or not.

Items such as a collar and a leash, at the very least, will have to be purchased. A steady supply of dry dog food will be necessary as well as a dog bed for sleeping times if you wish to take care of your furniture. Trips to the vets for vaccinations and checkups are also recommended, along with neutering your dog. It can all add up pretty quickly so make sure you are prepared to pay out to ensure your dog receives the best care possible.

Your Life will Change 

Getting a dog can be a full-on life commitment, as they can live for quite a long time. You will have to think about things a little deeper if you decide to adopt a dog. Weekend getaways could become a thing of the past unless of course, you bring your dog with you! Hectic nights out with your friends may have to be done away with, as you might worry about what your dog is doing in the home while you are not there. 

Your current situation may also play a role in your decision to get a dog. But what if you decide to move? Or decide to go traveling abroad? You will have some big decisions to make then, so if you have any thoughts like these, consider them before taking on a dog. 

If you or your partner have children, be sure to check out dogs that are friendly towards them to avoid any potential issues. The same applies if you wish to have children in the future, so your furry friend does not make your life even more difficult.


Be sure and take your time before adopting a dog. It’s a huge decision which must not be rushed. Serious thought is required in choosing which type of dog will fit seamlessly into your home. Keeping your dog happy both mentally and physically is vital to their well-being. Exercise can work wonders for dogs, so if you are lazy, consider this factor too.

Be aware that taking on the responsibility of a good will not be a cheap one. Funds will have to be available for regular expenses like the best food, and unexpected ones, such as if it gets ill. Consider your future plans and how this may affect your dog if these events occur.

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