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How to Find the Suitable Dog Crate? • Animals Answers

How to Find the Suitable Dog Crate?

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When it comes to dogs that bark at night, the solution is really easy to find however, it isn’t one you come across at the local pet shop. Many people have discovered that leaving lights on continuously lit one night and then turning them off when it gets dark is a good way to keep them from barking so much during the night.

What if you have a doggie at home that keeps on and on barking at night for no apparent reason? You sure do not have to get out into the street or yell “quiet” or “enough”. Although it is very annoying and irritating, some barking from our dogs is a good thing. They might bark when they hear a stranger approaching or when they sense danger. However, there are some times when the barking is excessive and difficult to even handle. Some dogs don’t have any control and they will bark at the drop of a hat. In these cases, you will have to take a different action.

What you need to do before grabbing a dog cage or some other hard to control device is to first establish control of your dog. To do this, you will need to purchase a dog whistle. Play with your dog just like normal but do not allow him to ignore you. Instead, try to attract his attention towards you by offering him a toy or a treat. Most dogs will be curious and try to find out what the new sound is. Repeat these selections until you get familiar with what your dog likes.

Next, you might want to try giving your dog a command. The best command to teach is the sit command because it is an easy one to teach and it is an effective one. Tell your dog to sit whenever he is about to sit. Praise your dog every time he sits. Be careful not to reward him when he is already standing up. If you do so, he will think he got the treat for sitting when he stood up.

Make sure you use the same word for the command every time. Dogs have memorized thousands of words and can understand an entire sentences. Use short words and avoid long words.

Finally, shake the bottle in your hand. Use it to make a noise. The dog will cower at first but, if you do it again, he will begin to think that the bottle makes a sound when you shake it. That sound will make him come out of his cowering position.

Patrick recommends an empty soda bottle just big enough to fit the ear of your dog. Its neck is too small for his head. This makes the bottle sensitive to his bark. You won’t be able to adjust the bottle if you don’t do this. Next, tip him back and spray him with the breeze. Let him get a good drink of water.

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