how big do siberian tigers get

How Big Do Siberian Tigers Get?

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Siberian tigers are the biggest of all living cats. Bengal tigers and Siberian tigers share the same shoulder heights. According to the scientists of the Siberian Tiger Project the adult Siberian cats can reach the overall body length of 200 to 450 cm. Males are 195 cm in length while females measure at 167 to 182 cm.

How Big Do Siberian Tigers Get?

The longest Siberian cat ever measured at 317 cm in head-body length. It was the measurement of a male tiger. However scientists do believe that the size of a Siberian tiger is probably understated.

Reports suggest that the Siberian tigers may have possibly reached the body length of 375 cm. The maximum body length in females is about 270 cm with a tail averaging 88 cm.

But the average size of a female is about 190 – 200 cm with their hind foot measuring at 35 cm. Siberian tigers are probably longer than the longest Bengal tiger or even African lion.

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