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5 Mistakes Great Dane Owners Make • Animals Answers

5 Mistakes Great Dane Owners Make

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Great Danes have gentle temperaments for the most part, but some accidents, aggravation, and perhaps frustration, can show up when dealing with one of these large dogs. Although accidents will happen no matter how Dane you have, it seems like Great Danes owners have the most success when they understand that the dog is a product of their own success in raising them. They are very patient and have no trouble helping the puppy realize that with the proper care and training.

Here are five common mistakes that Great Dane owners make.

(1) Lack of consistency in training.

The reason that this is perhaps the most common and easily correctable mistake is simply because the owner has not clearly and consistently explained what they want the dog to do, and when they want them to do it. It is fairly easy to identify the signals that your dog is sending you and the process of them understanding that can be a lot of work for the owner, but it is important to note that a lack of consistency is what is generally causing the issue.

(2) Unnecessary punishment.

The use of punishment should never be a way to resolve problems. Often times it is used as a last resort to correct a dog for a action that they did, an action that they did not do as the owner wants or a way to isolate them for a behavior that they do not understand. While the use of punishment is acceptable in some cases, it is important to note that you should not use it as a method of discipline for a dog to avoid behavior problems.

(3) Separation anxiety.

As is the case with people, dogs can suffer from separation anxiety. Not only does this cause symptoms such as worry and panic in the owner and family, but it can cause physical harm to the dog. Dogs that suffer from this will not be steady, and can become increasingly erratic and destructive when left alone for extended periods of time.

(4) Breed specific behavior problems.

Unfortunately, many Danes who display too much aggression or shyness may also suffer from other undesirable personality traits such as stubbornness or incessant barking. Although not breed specific, these traits are often reinforced in the dogs behaviour when there is a close bond with the owner.

(5) Unhealthy diet.

The lack of nutrients in a dog’s diet can often lead to a lack of energy in the dog and this can inevitably lead to a lack of appetite. Sometimes it is enough to change the diet, but if a dog is suffering from a problem that is beyond normal, a more natural diet may be considered.

(6) Too much exercise.

Great Danes thrive on a moderate amount of exercise, but it is important to not undertake too much at once. Danes do not require strenuous exercise and may suffer if you make this a major lifestyle change. There are, of course, resorting to activities that are less strenuous such as swimming.

(7) Inappropriate training methods.

There are many things that can be considered inappropriate when it comes to training a Great Dane. The methods that are used and the tone of voice used, for example, can have a considerable effect on a dog’s behavior.

(8) Owners not understanding their dog’s needs.

Some owners may not realize that a Great Dane’s life is that of a hunting dog who has evolved from the ancestral hunting pack and that the basic instinct modern Danes have is to chase and hunt falling snow. Because of this, Great Danes can be rather potency aggressive and will treat anyone in their path with fear. Therefore it is important that you are in control of your dog and that you are trained to be so.

(9) Unhealthy dog behavior caused by lack of exercise.

When a Great Dane is left outdoors for too long without exercise, they may develop behavior problems that are similar to those associated with humans and the substance use can be deadly.

(10) Dogs without strong leadership.

Danes are very much pack animals and therefore lack the skills to successfully co – exist with other dogs. They instead rely on their owners to properly lead them and the consequence can often be a very unhappy and destructive situation if the leadership is not firm enough.

To overcome this you must show your Danes that you are the Alpha animal and have their respect. This will eliminate the likelihood of them turning on you in response to a perceived threat and ensure that your relationship is one of mutual trust and respect.

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