Why Does My Dog Wink at Me?

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This article will help you understand why your dog keeps winking at you and what you can to do about it.

Why does my dog wink at you? It is most likely that your dog is submissive when it winks at me. It could also be due to eye problems.

There may be many possible causes for your dog to wink at you. You can look at the root cause, and then do something about it.

Below are some reasons that your dog may wink at and how to make it more likely.

Your dog is being submissive

Dogs often consider staring to be an act of aggression. Dogs that keep eye contact with their owners might feel threatened or threatened by you. If your dog blinks and looks away, it will communicate that it is not being aggressive or submissive.

Your dog is having fun

A second possibility is that your dog might be playing. Dogs are more likely to play when they’re being submissive. It is more likely that your dog plays with its tail and rolls around.

Your dog mimics you body language

Dogs can also mimic their owners’ actions. Your dog may be mimicking your body language, but this is less likely. This is more likely if your dog blinks at you right after you blink.

Your dog blinks only

Dogs naturally blink to clean and moisturize their eyes. Your dog may be blinking because it feels like it is doing so naturally. It might also be blinking more often if it isn’t looking at you.

Medical reasons

You could also be experiencing medical issues in your dog’s eye. If your dog is blinking on one eye especially, it could be a sign that there is a problem with the eye. The best thing for your dog is to visit a veterinarian.

It has learned to reward good behavior.

Dogs learn quickly if you reward them for good behavior and will keep doing it until they get more. Dogs will respond more favorably to treats and toys if you give them extra attention.

What do I do when my dog starts to wink at me?

These are some of the options available to you when dealing with this behavior.

Let it do the rest

If your dog is having trouble doing it because of medical issues, and it still wants to play with you when it winks at it, it’s best to let it continue.

Do not intimidate it

You could argue that your dog is submissive and does this because of the fact that it has done it before. Your dog may also do things like hide, which could be a sign that it is being intimidated. If this is the case, you can try to avoid intimidating your dog by not staring at them for too long. It is best to speak to a vet if your pet has become timid.

Get help

If your dog is acting strangely or has been suffering from medical issues, it’s best to bring it to the vet. This will allow you to receive expert advice specific to your dog, and can help with any medical problems.

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