What Eats Green Sea Turtles?

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The predators of the adult green sea turtles are bigger sharks and human beings. In sharks, the tiger sharks usually prey on these turtles. However, the hatchlings and young individuals of the green turtles are more vulnerable to different kinds of predators. Some of the predators that readily feed on the hatchlings are shorebirds, marine mammals and crabs. The eggs of these turtles are eaten by golden jackals and red foxes.

Apart from larger predators, there are some tiny predators like leeches and barnacles that may result in loss of blood by causing injury to the tissues of the green turtle. The parasites like cestodes, protozoans and nematodes are attached to the flippers and carapace of these turtles resulting in the death of these turtles due to liver infection. One of the most fatal diseases caused by the leeches is called Fibropapilloma. This disease results in tumor in kidneys, lungs and stomach of the green turtles.

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