What Do White Tigers Eat? – White Tiger Diet & Eating Habits

Do you have any idea what do white tigers eat in the wild? Perhaps not, because there are no white tigers living in the natural habitat. All white Bengal tigers are now bred in captivity. Let us study some fascinating facts about white tiger dietThe white tiger is not a true subspecies of a tiger. Instead it is a pigment variant of orange Bengal tigers. The tiger is hardly found in the wild for most of them are bred in captivity. An isolated population is thought to occur in the wild habitats of the Indian Subcontinent.

What Do White Tigers Eat? – White Tiger Diet

how long do white tigers liveThe white tiger diet is nearly the same as Bengal tiger’s. White tigers are carnivores. They will prey on nilgai, barasingha, wild boar, chital, sambar, buffalo, gaur, Malayan tapir, saiga antelope, roe deer, musk deer, sika deer, Caucasian wisent, camels, Manchurian wapiti, horses, muntjac, and yak.

White tigers are big cats so they will not hesitate to take on bigger prey or even potential predators such as crocodiles, pythons, and sloth bears. They will supplement their diet with small mammals including rabbits, fish, monkeys, hares, and peafowls. Although rarely white tigers can also hunt young rhinoceros and elephant calves.

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