What do Bull Sharks Eat?

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Bull shark hunts alone and in order to catch its target, it uses bump-and-bite technique. Every so often, the bull sharks stalk its prey in dirty waters where it is not easy to see through so that its prey cannot see it coming.

Bull sharks prey on a diverse group of animals. It includes other sharks and rays, terrestrial mammals, turtles, crustaceans, dolphins, teleost fishes, echinoderms and birds. The big individuals usually feed on large species. Out of these, elasmobranchs and teleost fishes are the most preferred meal of bull sharks.

In the freshwaters of Florida, they usually prey on fishes like sandbar sharks, snook tarpon, catfish, stingrays, jacks and mullets. Stingrays and catfish are, however, the most favorite of these. All in all, bony fish and other little sharks (even their own species) are at the top of the shark’s menu.

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