What Do Snow Leopards Look Like?

Snow leopards are pretty tough cats. They live in icy cold habitats where only a few land animals would dare to survive. It has greyish white to smoky grey coat which is all covered with numerous rosettes. The snow leopard’s coat camouflages the cat as it blends into the rocky…

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What Do Snow Leopards Eat? | Snow Leopard Diet

Like other big cats, snow leopards are exclusively carnivores. They will hunt their prey rather actively. Generally leopards are opportunistic hunters and they will eat just about anything ranging from small rodents to a large Siberian ibex. They likely consume Himalayan tahr, bharal, argali, birds, markhor, and domestic animals such…

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How Long Do Snow Leopards Live? – Snow Leopard Lifespan

Like all other animals, the lifespan of a snow leopard in the wild is reasonably shorter than the captive specimen. There are quite many reasons to this short lifespan. The availability of food, potential predators, or other factors that are directly associated with the snow leopard lifespan. Let us study how long…

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