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Are You Sure Your Dog Has A Healthy Immune System? • Animals Answers

Are You Sure Your Dog Has A Healthy Immune System?

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The immune system is a network of specialized tissues, organs, cells, and hormones. There are two main types of immunity. Innate immunity is a system built into the body to resist disease. Acquired immunity is the immune system’s ability to adapt as the body is exposed to pathogens through exposure, illness or vaccinations.

Symptoms of a weak immune system are mostly difficult to diagnose. However, these symptoms can be significant threats to your dog’s health and should be considered by an experienced veterinarian.

Some of the most common symptoms of a weak immune system are

  • Lack of energy
  • Seizures
  • Weight loss
  • Grey membranes
  • Lethargy
  • Malnutrition
  • Diarrhea
  • Initiating low-grade fever
  • Anemia
  • Sudden dry heaves
  • Sudden increase in thirst and urinations

The symptoms of a weak immune system are often mistaken for normal responses to a variety of allergens. However, the intestinal symptoms are often indiscipline to a weak immune system.

For example, while a positive response to a food allergy may result in gastrointestinal symptoms, a low-grade fever with depression, symptoms similar to a mild skin allergy may also be present.

The time to begin seeking a diagnosis is the time when the symptoms are noticed. At that point, do not wait another day or wait another month to see the veterinarian. If you do not see the symptoms stop or change, sooner or later the real issue will begin to manifest itself.

Most veterinarians will want to begin diagnosis by examination of the eyes first. Their blood test will also be able to locate any elevated or low levels of glucose or ketones. Other tests include biopsy of skin Recent or past history of vaccinations may be Collection of skin scrapings. All of these tests are preformed through a relation EW lease or if they do not perform all of the previously mentioned tests they should be noted and passed on to the referring veterinarian.

Next the veterinarian will most likely want to know more about the possible exposure to antigen or infectious agent. If the dog has previously been exposed to an identified bacteria or antigens then they will most likely want to know more about its immune response. For example they may want to know if the dog’s repertoire of immunological responses was overwhelm by a particular isolate and whether or not that may have triggered an attack. For example they may want to know if the recently encountered isolate can trigger an immune response that is very different than what the dog has previously encountered.

The exposure to disease can also cause damage to the immune system and this can be viewed as a severe attack. While the exposure is severe the immune system will try its best to fight it off. Unfortunately the body cannot keep up the onslaught on its own and ‘invaded’ by outside influences or in this case bacteria or viruses.

Treating your dog can involve a whole plethora of chemicals and treatments, some of which can be very harmful and even deadly. There are natural methods that can and should be used to treat the dog but due to the fact that natural products can have side effects it is just not advisable to use them. Natural products that can not only treat your dog but also help to build the immune system should be considered.

An example of an natural product is a colloidal oatmeal bath to soothe a dog with itchy skin. Colloidal oatmeal has the ability to Sooth the Skin, compress the lymph nodes and clear any toxins or irritation. Oatmeal is also a fantastic remedy for a tired dog with fur that has more knots and tangles than normal. A colloidal oatmeal bath works very well to gently purify and refresh.

Colloidal oatmeal is not the same as the coffee grounds fresh or dark bag of coffee that one cup of coffee contains. Rather its specific type of oatmeal has been dealt with in a different way. It is cocoa powder, which has been ground three times, thus giving a bitter taste and smell. This type of chocolate delight is light and airy and reminds one of a sweet, rich, spicy cocoa powder. Yet another difference is that coffee has been melted to be more easier to carry around.

In familiarizing yourself with various types of chocolate, you may as well familiarize yourself with the different types ofbacterial and viral infections your dog can get. A few of the most common viral issues your dog can contract are ringworm, leptospirosis, parvo, and hepatitis.

Many vets say that a dog with a slight infestation of ringworm will not become infected, but they are sure to keep track of it as it is contagious. A diagnosis of ringworm is made by looking at your dog’s skin and possibly by taking your dog’s temperature.

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