Where Do Sea Otters Live?

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Sea otters are keystone species i.e. they help in conserving the underwater kelp forests by devouring the sea urchins, thus sustaining one of the world’s most productive ecosystems. These coastal kelp ecosystems provide food source for many marine animals and tiny creatures like sea urchins tend to graze on such forests, disturbing the marine ecosystems.

Sea otter Habitat

Sea otters inhabit shallow coastal waters off the eastern North Pacific. They spend almost their entire life in water and rarely do they come ashore to rest. They are most commonly found in coral reefs and rocky coastlines. However, they can also be found on soft-bottom coastal areas. The northern sea otter tends to haul out more than others.

Where do sea otters live map?

Where do sea otters live in the world?

The north American range of sea otters extends from the Aleutian Islands to Prince William Sound. There are three subspecies of sea otters: southern, northern and Russian sea otters.

The range of the California (or southern) sea otter extends from California to Mexico. In California, its north-south range is from San Mateo County to the Santa Barbara.

The Alaskan (or northern) sea otter inhabits northwest part of the United States. It occurs between southeastern Alaska and British Columbia.

The Russian sea otter is found off the western and northern Pacific.


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