Where do Bull Sharks live?

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Bull Shark Habitat

Bull sharks are assertive species and they like to swim in shallow waters. They are usually present in warm temperate and tropical waters around the world. For the most part, bull sharks live below 30 meters depth of the continental shelf and its range cannot extend to more than 150 metres at the most. They can swim in freshwater (as well as estuarine) for hours and reportedly found in rivers like Amazon, San Juan, Tigris, Ganges and Mississippi. Since they love to swim close to the seashores, they tend to interact with humans more frequently than other shark species. They are found in seashores around the world’s oceans.

Bull Shark Distribution

In the U.S., they are found off the Atlantic coast (Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico). They are also found off the southeastern part of Florida. From its southern part to the Gulf of California, it is usually present off the Pacific coast. It is perhaps the only shark that has the tendency of migrating to shorelines of freshwater lakes and rivers. Thus it maneuvers among brackish and freshwaters with no trouble. All in all, this species is native to many places like Queensland in Australia, Brazil, India, Costa Rica, Mexico, Philippines, Venezuela and various U.S. states like Louisiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin etc.

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