Where Do Bottlenose Dolphins Live? – Bottlenose Dolphin Habitat

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Bottlenose dolphins are found on the tropical, subtropical and temperate coastal waters around the world. Bottlenose dolphins are coastal and pelagic species. The inshore form are territorial species and are found over a wide range of coastal habitats including seashores, large estuaries, bays, rocky reefs, lagoons, seagrass beds and other distinct ecosystems. The offshore species, on the other hand, are primarily migratory and do not frequent coastal habitats.

Where Do Common Bottlenose Dolphins Live?

  • Bottlenose dolphins have worldwide distribution. They are found over a wide range from latitudes 45 degree North to South.
  • These dolphins inhabit Atlantic and the Indian Oceans; as well as the Black, the Baltic and the Mediterranean Seas. In the Pacific, bottlenose dolphins are found from northern Japan to Australia; Southern California to Chile.
  • In the Atlantic, the range of these dolphins extends from Norway to South Africa; Nova Scotia to Patagonia. They are present all the way from Australia to South Africa in the Indian Ocean.
  • Bottlenose dolphins are found within the temperature range of 10 to 32 degree celsius along the seashores of North America. They are found in the Irish Sea (Cardigan Bay), north-east Scotland as well as southeastern and western part of Ireland, around United Kingdom. They are not found from 45 degrees poleward, other than in southern New Zealand and northern Europe.

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