What Eats Snowy Owls? – Snowy Owl Predators

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People often wonder what eats snowy owls perhaps because these owls are known as the master of the sky. While adult snowy owls don’t have many natural predators, they do occasionally fall prey to some potential predators. Snowy owls must protect their fledglings from the potential threats because their nests are vulnerable to quite a few predators. Let’s discuss snowy owl predators.

What Eats Snowy Owls in the Tundra?

As the nesting season arrives, the snowy owls are on the lookout for any animal that may endanger the survival of their hatchlings. A female snowy owl performs the duty of incubating the eggs while the male owl safeguards the nest by keeping an eye on the potential threat. However, as the danger approaches, both parents attack the predators.

Some of the predators that go after the fledglings of snowy owls are gray wolves, Arctic foxes, jaegers, corvids and dogs.

As for eating lemmings (which is of course its favorite diet), the snowy owl has to deal with some other avian predators. These predators are tiger owl, rough-legged buzzard, peregrines, golden eagles, glaucous gulls, northern ravens, European eagle-owls, short-eared owls, gyrfalcons and short-tailed weasels.

What Eats Snowy Owls? – Video

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