What Do Foxes Eat?

August 26, 2021
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Foxes are occasional but opportunistic hunters, eating almost anything from berries and fruit to earthworms and rabbits. They have a varied diet, like bears. Foxes are usually versatile creatures, i.e. in towns or countryside they are just as comfortable as in forests. Notwithstanding the environmental limitations, foxes will soon learn to consume and survive in the shortest time they can.

What do foxes eat – fox diet

Foxes are pretty skilled animals too. They are thought to take on live animals along with carrion. Like badgers or deer, they will feed on a variety of animals such as rodents, earthworms, rabbits, birds, vegetables, seed, fungi, mollusks, crabs, fish, and frogs

Foxes also consume fruits and berries especially if they are living in urban habitats. They are often found eating trash from trash bags. 

In woodlands, foxes predominantly rely on live prey. On rare occasions, foxes also prey on deer fawn but they fancy feeding on medium to small mammals.

During autumn, they will rely more on fruits and berries, apples, blackberries, plus acorns, tubers, sedges, and persimmons. The summer diet mostly consists of crickets, caterpillars, and beetles

They would compete for one another if the food is scarce. Foxes living in upland Scotland are known to occupy as much as 4,000 hectares as territory because the food isn’t abundant in these regions.

What do urban foxes eat?

While foxes living in cities rarely get the opportunity to hunt live prey they would love to eat mice and other rodents. However, much of the foxes’ diet comes from human waste. Food is abundant near restaurants or shops. Urban foxes are also not afraid of humans too often. They will however avoid humans.

What do red foxes eat?

Red foxes (vulpes vulpes) are the largest of the foxes. While the red fox likes to eat small rodents it can also target reptiles, invertebrates, rabbits, and game birds. Sometimes, they will also consume young ungulates. Red fox also feeds on berries and fruits.

What do fennec foxes eat?

Fennec foxes are omnivores. They will eat geckos, small birds, rats, skinks, bird eggs, tubers, and fruits. While they do not often drink water for they derive moisture from their prey foxes can drink if the water is available in their vicinity. A fennec fox usually hunts alone and it digs up small insects and invertebrates. 

What can you feed foxes?

First, there is no need to feed foxes because these are wild animals and can never be tamed. However, if you wish to feed them occasionally you should feed and watch them. Do not throw extra food outside your house for foxes will turn out to be your regular visitors. 

Foxes are carnivores but they like just about anything. You can feed them raw or cooked meat. They would love to eat tinned food too. Foxes will feed on bread soaked in fat, cheese, cooked veggies, table scraps, and fruits

Do not try to get too close to the foxes and pay some respect to their wild nature. Hand-feed wild animals is not recommended. 

If you put out excessive food foxes will come just about any day and probably won’t be scared of you.

You might be asking for uninvited visitors like wild dogs or rats if you get in the habit of putting out excessive food for animals.

If you have chicken or other small birds in your backyard then foxes will be more likely to eat them. 

Are they going to be dependent on you?

In the woodlands, foxes do not easily find food, not at least every day. So, if you plan to feed them regularly they will probably be less wary of humans and more confident which isn’t good for both. It won’t be wrong to assume that they will become dependent on you in one way or the other. Foxes then will get close to the strangers for food, something that you shouldn’t do. Foxes dwelling in urban lands fancy eating peanuts and bird seeds. 

Interesting facts about fox’s nature

A fox will run away with the food you give them. It’s in their nature to cache food for later use and also to protect it from other animals.

Foxes do not look up cats as a potential food source. Foxes and cats are mostly most active at night; they both avoid each other inasmuch as they possibly can. Therefore, if you are worried about your cat being eaten by a fox then don’t.

Foxes can attack your rabbit or a guinea pig and chances are that they would come again for your small animals. 

They have the ability to kill animals as large as a swan.

Foxes are pretty skilled in digging up your garden for any possible buried pets. You can’t prevent them from digging. They are always looking for any accessible food source. Foxes have a sharp sense of smell.

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