What Do Bottlenose Dolphins Look Like?

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Bottlenose dolphins are the most common species of dolphins. They are known worldwide for their ability to do tricks like using tools and doing mimicry, thanks to their participation in aquarium shows. For communication, bottlenose dolphins use various sounds and movements like squeaking, whistling and sometimes, leaping high into the air and splashing down with their tails while coming back. In one second, they can produce up to 1,000 clicking sounds. Bottlenose dolphins appearance is quite well known due to their curved mouths that give them the smiling look. Now let’s find out in what do bottlenose dolphins look like!

Bottlenose Dolphins Appearance – What Do Bottlenose Dolphins Look Like?

Bottlenose dolphins are dark-gray to bluish-gray on top and pale-gray to white from the underside. They have dark-colored dorsal cape and eye-flipper streak. These dolphins have sleek, robust bodies with streamlined body shape.

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The dolphin gets its name from the protruded snout (called rostrum). There is a blowhole at the top of the snout, which is actually the functional nose of the dolphin. The snout is often called a beak due to its elongated shape. They possess long tapered flukes and flippers. There are about 76 to 98 conical-shaped teeth in its rostrum.

What Do Bottlenose Dolphins Look Like – Video

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