Is It Worth Buying A Modern Dog Crate?

January 23, 2023
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You want what’s best for your dog, as any caring pet parent would. A box is one of the first items you should acquire for them to ensure their protection. 

This kind of cage, however, may be a problem in the future. The good news is that you have at least one option available to you: a quality dog cage. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, its durability is on par with that of standard dog cages.

Here, we’ll go over the benefits of a stylish dog crate, as well as some tips for finding one that’s ideal for your pet.

What Are the Benefits of a Contemporary Dog Crate?

Using a contemporary dog cage has several advantages. This is why it is an essential part of every pet owner’s toolkit. I’ll list the main arguments in favor of upgrading to a modern dog crate right now.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Dog cages may be unsightly, as was previously said. Dog crates are often bulky and unsightly, but modern designs have made them almost invisible. They can fit in with your existing decor with little effort.

You can now buy dog cages in a wide range of styles, materials, and hues. This will allow you to choose one that complements the style of your house.

Even better, several of these containers serve multiple purposes. They’re multifunctional because of the space they provide both in the home and elsewhere.

Therefore, if you want a piece of pet furniture that is both fashionable and practical, a modern dog crate is your best bet.

It Holds Up Well Over Time

Modern dog cages are equally as sturdy as their ancestor designs. This is because they are often crafted from durable materials that endure a long time, such as steel, aluminum, or hard plastic.

Therefore, they are resistant to your pet’s clawing and gnawing. They are impervious to rain, snow, and other forms of wet and windy weather, so you can be certain that they will not rust or otherwise be harmed.

Cozier Features

Many convenient features are standard on today’s dog cages, which were not included in older models. For instance, they may have padded mattresses that are more pleasant for your dogs to sleep on.

They also include secure locking mechanisms and latches to keep your pet inside.

It’s A Breeze To Disinfect After Use

Modern dog cages are quite low-maintenance. The main reason is that they are manufactured from durable and low-maintenance materials like plastic.

Using a moist cloth, they may be restored to their original condition.

It Won’t Clash With Your Current Theme

You can pick a modern wood dog crate that fits well with the rest of your furnishings thanks to the wide variety of types and patterns available.

Similarly to the Lucite furniture pieces used in contemporary houses, you can buy a transparent dog cage that serves the same purpose. One reason why it’s so well-liked by pet owners is the variety of roles it may play.

Tips for Choosing the Best Contemporary Dog Crate

We’ve covered why these items are must-haves for every responsible pet owner; now it’s time to dive into how to choose a contemporary dog cage that’s just right for your pup. Please think about the following points.

The Size of Your Dog

You should search for a unique dog crate that is spacious enough for your dog to turn around and lay down in without feeling cramped. You don’t want it to be too big or your dog won’t be able to move about in it.

Take your dog’s measurements before heading out to the store.

It’s safer to pick a larger size if you’re not sure what size to get. To make your dog more at ease, you may always provide padding in the form of pillows or blankets.


Steel, aluminum, or durable plastic are the materials of choice for modern dog kennels. As a responsible owner, you must weigh the pros and cons of various materials.

Steel containers, for instance, are sturdy yet cumbersome because of their density and strength. Although aluminum containers are easier to move around, steel crates are more long-lasting.

Lastly, plastic crates, which come in a variety of colors and shapes, maybe the most costly option but also the most aesthetically pleasing.


You should shop for a stylish, minimalist dog cage that blends well with your interior design. Even more crucial, however, check to see if it is still doing its intended task.

Do you, therefore, want a transparent plastic container with the appearance of an ordinary piece of furniture? Instead, maybe you’d like a sturdy steel container that will serve your needs for years to come.

It should be well-ventilated so that your dog is comfortable in both hot and cold weather. The appropriate proportions are also important. Verify that the item can indeed fit in the designated area. You’ll waste your money on a dog cage that’s either too large or too little if you don’t take these measurements beforehand.


Modern dog cages, like any other product, may be found at a variety of pricing points. Higher-priced items tend to be more robust and sturdy.

However, this is not an excuse to go into debt over a fancy box for your dog. Many less expensive alternatives can accomplish the same goals.


The brand is the last factor to think about. Longevity in the market sometimes confers prestige on certain labels, and this is why some names are more well-known than others.

But it doesn’t mean you have to stick to the best-selling names in the industry. High-quality, state-of-the-art dog crates are available from a wide variety of new manufacturers.

Check out some of the best crates here

DIY Tips for Creating Attractive Dog Cages

Here are some ways to improve your modern dog crate furniture so that it blends in with the rest of your furniture and keeps him precisely where he needs to be—near you.

Transform It Into A Desk

A basic DIY table might serve as a dog box if you’re working with limited space.

Add a Slipcover to a Crate

Covering your dog’s cage may be the best cosmetic option, and it may even be stuff your pet’s physician suggests to reduce anxiety. This low-priced fabric finish makes a kennel appear as if it belongs in a bedroom or living room. 

Create a covering for the kennel out of fabric. When you add a surface on top, it becomes a lovely little coffee table or nightstand. Cover for the kennel that rolls down on tabs and hooks when the door is closed.

A wooden dowel is securely fastened into the bottom of the covering through a seam.

Construct a Dog Cage in a Rustic Style

Build a kennel into a bottom cabinet or countertop base and paint the beadboard on the front for a contemporary farmhouse look. 

Use a stylish floor grate like this one you found at a garage sale to make a unique entrance for the kennel. Including an indoor/outdoor cushion makes it a cushy spot for your pet buddy to snooze.

Modify a Crate to Look Like a Piece of Furniture

When you get a dog cage that looks like furniture, it might blend in with the design of your bedroom or living area. 

Curate a wall display with natural elements by hanging a hovering shelf above it to exhibit treasured artwork and accessorizing it with pet-safe succulents in varying sizes.

Construct A Dog House That Doubles As A Bench

Why not construct a kennel right in the middle of the living room for the dog that follows you wherever she goes? A little dog bed may function as a window for your pet, or as a bench for your family. 

The sides of the container are partially paneled for aesthetic purposes and have basic metal rods for ventilation. Ensure it has enough space for your dog to stand up and turn around.

Position the Crate as the Main Attraction

Building a shelf unit around a box and painting it a vibrant color, such as orange, might help soften the modern dog crate’s otherwise industrial appearance.

As a bonus, the shelves provide room for displays, drawing the viewer’s attention away from the shelving unit’s wire support structure. When your dog wants a break or if you just want to keep the kennel out of sight, you can simply untie the shade and let it roll down. 

Crate shelves may be made to blend in with their surroundings by hanging artwork above them and accessorizing adjoining furniture with throw cushions and throw blankets in colors that suit those of the kennel.


An up-to-date dog cage is, without a question, a necessary accessory for every responsible pet owner. Aside from giving your dog a secure and pleasant place to rest, it streamlines the process of caring for him or her.

You can pick the best cage for your dog and your requirements by keeping in mind the variables we highlighted in this post.

Do you want to ask a question or provide some advice? Please feel free to message us or browse our website for quality products and services!

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