How long do Great White Sharks Get? – Great White Shark Growth

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Do you know how long do great white sharks grow in the natural habitat? In size, the female great white sharks are bigger than the males. The average size of a female great white is between 15 and 16 feet while the male shark is around 11 to 13 feet in length.

How long do Great White Sharks Get?

In terms of its maximum length, the common consensus among scientists is that the maximum size of the white shark is around 20 feet.

The largest great white shark ever recorded in history is 20 feet long. It had to be a female great white because males are smaller in size. This shark was caught in 1988 off Prince Edward Island in Canada. However, according to some scientists, it is also possible that the white shark of up to 23 feet may be out there.

At birth, the size of a newborn pup ranges from 3.28 to 4.9 feet in length. Every year, the calf grows around 25 centimeters in length.

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