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How Fast Can an OSTRICH Run? • Animals Answers

How Fast Can an OSTRICH Run?

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Ostriches are both the tallest and largest of all bird species. The ostrich is a bulky bird, so flying is impossible. However, its remarkable agility has allowed it to adapt to life on the ground. Ostriches excel at running and can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour (72 km/h). However, they can also sprint at speeds as high as 60 mph (96.6 km/h). This is despite their 12-foot (3.7m) stride. This makes the ostrich one of the fastest animals on two legs. The endurance runner, the ostrich, can run at 30 mph (44.8 km/h) for as much as half an an hour.

Why are ostriches faster than us?

Why does ostriches run so fast than us?
Scientists have discovered how fast ostriches can run, while using relatively little energy.

Ostriches are able to walk (and even run) on their two legs, just like us. Ostriches can still run up to 50km/h, twice the speed that of the fastest human.

The University of Western Australia did a “biomechanical” study of ostriches running on a track. The footage shows the data that was gathered using markers on their joints.

The study found that ostriches are “springy in their step”. The birds have twice the power generated by elastic energy stored inside their tendons as humans. They therefore require less muscle power to run at a faster pace.

Ostriches live in the African Savannah and have many speedy predators. You might find cheetahs or lions, leopards or wild dogs as well as crocodiles and hyenas. The Nile crocodile (the slowest) is the fastest on land with a running speed of just 22 mph (35 km/h). Even an ostrich cannot keep up with them, the rest can easily catch up. For survival, an Ostrich needs to be able and fast.

Wild dogs and hyenas are predators that can hunt over large distances. Therefore, it is good to know that an ostrich has some endurance.

Ostriches are also protected by their running speed. These powerful legs are the reason we’re talking about ostriches. Because of their powerful legs, an ostrich can run very fast and can use powerful kicks to protect themselves.

They make intimidating prey, with their 4-inch (10-cm) claw. Ostriches can even kill lions by using their powerful kick.

Olympic sprinters run extremely fast. Usain bolt ran the fastest 100-meter dash by a man, running at nearly 28 miles per hour. This is insanely fast! Florence Griffith Johnson, the fastest woman, was just a shade slower than the others. They can’t keep up with the fastest runners on two feet. All of our runners made it to the finish in the time that it took to explain.

And the gold medal goes… Africa’s Ostrich Sprinting 43 miles an hour across the finish line, This bird can be seen trotting at 31 mph for miles and endless miles. Silver is won by the Emu from Australia. He can run easily 30 miles an hour. Standing proudly beside the great birds, the fastest woman and man in the world, Emu from Australia wins silver. They were just one tick ahead roadrunners to take bronze. I wonder whose picture will be on the box with Wheaties.

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