How Fast Can a LION Run?

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The lion is the second fastest wildcat, running at 80.5 km/h. However, it can only run for short bursts.

All lions run at 60km/h, even males. Because they are digitigrades (digitigrades), they can sprint faster than humans. They also walk, run, and stand on their toes like all other felines. They lack stamina and can only sprint for two seconds, just like humans. Any longer and they will die from overheating.

Plantigrades must lift their soles to move, which is a time-consuming and energy-consuming task. Humans cannot run faster than lions that lift their toes. It is impossible to outrun a chasing cat, especially since it will chase you and trigger its hunting instinct.

If you find yourself confronted with a male lion, don’t panic. Lions are fearful animals and will try to make it difficult for you to panic. Then, slowly retreat while looking at the lion and not exposing your back. Keep your feet on the ground, be as tall as you can, and shout loudly if the lion insists that you attack. The lion will then have to retreat quickly because it has just perceived you as intimidating.

If none of these steps work and the lion really is attacking you, hit it with your fists. If this fails, you are pretty much screwed.

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