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Do Guinea Pigs Bite? • Animals Answers

Do Guinea Pigs Bite?

September 4, 2021
3 mins read

It’s never easy for guinea pigs to bite the hands that feed them. Most pets will bite you if they’re unhappy, stressed or injured.

What Does it Mean when a Guinea Pig Bites You?
You can prevent your guinea pig from biting by learning why it might do so. Let’s examine some of the most common reasons cavies might nip, nibble or gnaw.

Stress is an issue for your Guinea Pig
Guinea pigs need lots of stimulation, space, as well as the company of other cavies. If your guinea can’t get enough stimulation, anxiety, and companionship, it can become stressed. When you ask your guineapig to come out of the hutch to have a cuddle, it will probably let you know by giving you a good bite.

This can be prevented by getting the right size hutch. Also, ensure you have enough toys to keep your pet piggies entertained and happy.

Your guinea pig should ‘go!

It’s possible that your Guinea Pig gets fidgety if you hold it for too long. This is normal and it’s probably time to go pee. It will also give you a subtle warning sign by a gentle nibble.

Understanding the behavior of a Guinea Pig and its need to pee approximately every 15 minutes will stop it from biting.

Your Guinea Pig is in pain
Although we all feel a little sad when we are in pain, humans can communicate our feelings to others. When your guinea pig feels the need to let you, such as when it’s experiencing severe pain, it will usually do this by gently nibbling or nuzzling you.

For a complete health exam, take your Guinea Pig to the Vet immediately.

Your guinea pig feels threatened

Your piggy’s survival instinct as prey is to run or hide. It will bite if it can’t do so. Take care of your pet guinea pig when it is afraid or feeling threatened. You can make your pet feel loved and safe, and it will be less likely to nip.

When a new pet is being adopted, give it some time to settle in. You shouldn’t be too rough with your new pet, especially if it is timid or scared.

The skin condition of your guinea pig is called a “skin condition”.
Your happy-golucky piggy might suddenly bite you. Guinea pigs are susceptible to fungal infections such as ringworms mites and lice. When trying to prevent lice and mite bites, your cavy could accidentally nip at you.

If you are concerned about your pet’s health, it is imperative that you make an appointment to see your veterinarian.

How to Treat a Guinea Pig bite
Your guinea pig should not accidentally bite you. You need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Clean the wound
If you have broken the skin, use soap and water to clean it.

Use an antimicrobial ointment
You can apply an antimicrobial ointment to the wounds to prevent bacteria growth and infection.

Make sure to apply pressure
Apply pressure to the affected area for a few seconds with a clean cloth. Use a plaster to stop bleeding if your bite isn’t too severe. If you feel the injury is serious, you will need to see a GP right away.

Remember, it’s not a natural instinct for guineapigs bite or to become aggressive. This should not be happening. You need to investigate the causes and take appropriate action. It is possible for this behavior to escalate and lead to more serious consequences for both you as well as your pet.

Guinea pigs tend to be calm and not to bite. When they’re held, Guinea pigs will’mouth their owners’ to check if you are edible. These bites are not painful and do not hurt. It’s not aggression.

Guinea pigs don’t use their teeth to defend themselves if they feel threatened. If your pet bites you, it is because they fear you. This training teaches them to not be afraid of you, and how they can expect love and affection from us.

Guyana Pig teeth biting
Guinea Pigs do not use their teeth as aggressively as other species.

How to stop your Guinea Pig biting
First, you need to find out why your pet is biting. There are many possible causes.

Do you smell something that could be dangerous for your guinea bird, such as cats or dogs? Make sure you wear clean clothes, and wash your hands before handling them. For protection, it is a good idea if the GP continues to bite you that you are wearing gloves. Or maybe the GP may be stressed out and therefore afraid. Are they living in noisy areas? Are they afraid of noisy appliances, children or pets?

Pain is another thing that can cause a GP not to take heed. Are you holding your breath too tightly? Is your guinea pig injured or ill? You can give your guinea pig a quick health check and determine if they require a veterinarian. You should not pick them up if they have mange.

Nature Calls!
It is possible that your Guinea Pig wants to be put down as it has to use the bathroom. This could be a case where the guinea may bite your hand and irritate you. To confirm, you can watch your guinea-pig when it is laid down.

Living Conditions
Another reason that guineas pigs bite is their environment. It can also indicate loneliness if the guinea pig chews its bars frequently. If you only have one pet guinea pig it is likely that the animal will feel lonely if there are no other pets. The animal may be stressed from the dirty bedding, or you haven’t cleaned the hutch.

A male GP may also suspect testosterone as a possible cause. If your guinea, pig doesn’t get neutered, he might become aggressive. While you might consider neutering your guinea pig, it is not a guarantee that he will behave differently.

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