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Is Dog Drool Healthy?

October 27, 2022
Even if there are specific types of breeds that drool too much, for instance, Saint Bernard, pit bulls, and so on, too much drooling can be caused by an array of things. You would not want to have puddles of saliva all over the place, would you? Is dog drool…

How to Deal with a Dog’s Chewing and Biting Problem

October 26, 2022
Dogs use their sense of smell and vision to explore. They also discover and explore by using their mouth to chew and bite. Issues like teething, boredom, or separation anxiety can amplify the chewing and biting problem. As a dog owner, you might get home and find that your new…

5 Leading Causes of Diabetes in Dogs

October 22, 2022
Diabetes in dogs is on the rise. In fact, a study published by Banfield Pet Hospital showed nearly an 80% increase in canines diagnosed with diabetes between 2006 and 2016. That’s a pretty staggering statistic! As such, it’s important to be aware of the leading causes of diabetes in dogs…

How to Pick and Care for a Dog: 8 Helpful Tips

October 18, 2022
It’s said that a dog is a man’s best friend. And for many people, that’s certainly true. Dogs are loyal, loving, and always happy to see their human companions. They make great pets and can provide years of happiness and companionship. But before you run out to the nearest shelter…

What you need to know about your pet’s diagnostic report

October 5, 2022
As a pet owner, you want to be aware of the many factors that can impact your furry companion’s health. While many people wait until signs of illness present themselves, recent research from IDEXX suggests that preventative screening is a far better practice. This research showed that 15% of adult…

How Can You Train A Dog To Protect Your Yard

September 29, 2022
Dogs have been bred for centuries to perform various tasks, from hunting and herding to simple companionship. Many people have recently begun training their dogs to protect their homes and families. While most dogs are instinctively protective of their owners, there are some specific things you can do to help…
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