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Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere? • Animals Answers

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

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No matter what you call your dog Shadow, chances are that Shadow will be your faithful companion around the house. Dogs often love or need to be accompanied by their owners. Although this is often a sign of interest in you by your dog, it can also indicate anxiety or lack confidence in your dog.

This could indicate that your dog has underlying issues. This can be particularly true if your pet is new to your family, has had abuse or neglect in the past, or is afraid of being around certain objects. If your dog is unable to behave as you would like, such behavior could be a sign that it needs help.

It doesn’t matter if you find your dog’s shadowy behavior cute, annoying or concerning. You may want to know why. There are many reasons your dog might follow you around.

A short amount of training, calming techniques, and behavioral therapy will usually help your dog relax. Dogs will soon learn to trust you and stop following your every move.


For generations, we bred dogs that want to be near us. Dogs are often left alone for their entire lives, which is something that was quite new to them. Dogs are so social creatures that they want to be around us as much as possible.


Many dogs don’t get enough mental and physical exercise each day. This can lead to them following their people all over the place, looking for something–anything–to do. Do you see your dog stop when you give him a chew-toy? If he does not, it is likely that he was bored!

Dog anxiety: How to deal

Dogs are emotionally intelligent animals. They walk around the world on all fours, with all their senses alert. The modern world can be stressful because of all its sights and sounds. Dogs that have been neglected, abused, or adopted from shelters, may exhibit this behavior out of fear that they will be abandoned again.

Veterinary professionals continue to research and discover what causes separation anxiety in dogs. To determine what’s causing your dog’s anxiety, it is best to see a behavioral therapist. This is especially true if the problem is affecting your dog’s health, nutrition, or harmony in the household. After that, the best training and calming techniques can be suggested.

A secure, gated area in your home or outside can be one way to curb the dog’s bad behavior. A second option is to ensure that your dog has enough socialization. You should make sure your dog is socialized enough. If it spends most of its time alone with you, it might develop a fear of being away from you.

Rewarding your dog for good behavior by giving treats will help ensure that they understand it doesn’t have to follow you everywhere. Dogs will soon learn to relax when they realize they aren’t in danger, and can still be part the pack even if they’re not there.

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